About Spoon & Skillet

Mindy and Megan about pageHi.  I’m Mindy! (That’s me on the left.)

The story of Spoon & Skillet began in 2011, when I took a leap from my career in technology sales in search of more personally fulfilling work.  I partnered with my sister Megan (the pretty one on the right), and the two of us jumped head first into the food industry — setting off on an unexpected professional adventure.  Our passion for home cooking is deeply rooted in the values we were raised with and in a desire to share creativity and enthusiasm with others.

From 2012 – 2016 Spoon & Skillet was a secret weapon in our client’s kitchens.  The meal kit delivery service provided ingredients along with a healthy dose of inspiration and education, and along the way delivered more than 20,000 meals and truly impacted the way our clients approached mealtime with their families.

The next phase for Spoon & Skillet is still open-ended, as we step back to look ahead at new opportunities and creative ways to share our love for home cooking.  So stay tuned to hear what’s next from us.