Stress-Busting Yoga Moves

Our very own Clare Weber suggested three simple yoga moves you can bust out to beat stress. For each pose, we’ve included a link to Yoga Journal where you can read more, and check out a picture of the pose.

Balasana (aka Child’s Pose)

Description: Kneeling on the ground, with big toes touching, fold forward, resting forehead on the earth, and reaching your hips back towards your heels. Allow your arms to reach out in front of you or relax them by your sides, with your hands by your feet, shoulders relaxing down to the earth.
*Helps to center and ground, relieving stress as it encourages the body to relax
*Gently stretches the hips, ankles, and thighs
*Helps relieve back pain

Uttanasana (aka Standing Forward Bend)

Description: From standing (with feet together or hip distance apart), fold forward from the hip joint, keeping the back flat and long. Release hands down to the earth underneath the shoulders. Take a slight bend in the knees to help release your lower back, or gently start to straighten the knees to target your hamstrings.
*Stretches the hamstrings and back muscles
*Improves digestion, stimulates the spleen, kidneys, and the liver;
*Reduces fatigue and anxiety
*Therapeutic for high blood pressure, osteoporosis, asthma, infertility, and sinusitis.

Viparita Karani (aka Legs-Up-The-Wall pose)

Description: Place one hip against the wall, sitting sideways. Gently fan out the feet and legs up the wall, lowering the back down to rest on the earth. Open the arms out to the sides, then bend the elbows, pointing the fingers away from the wall. Close the eyes, and remain in this pose for several minutes. To release from the pose, slowly roll over onto one side, resting in the fetal position for a few moments before sitting upright.
*Gently stretches the back of the legs, the front torso, and the back of the neck
*Relieves the symptoms of menopause and PMS
*Reduces stress, anxiety, and mild depression
*Calms the mind
*Relieves mild backaches and tired or cramped legs and feet