Planks + Pushups with TDM Newport Beach

The truth is….I eat pretty well most of the time (it’s an obvious perk of running this business).  So while the 28-Day Refresh has been great, it’s nice to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone.  This month I set a personal goal to shake up my exercise routine.  Long hours in the kitchen, days spent sitting at a desk, and the stress of being BUSY-BUSY-BUSY can all take their toll.

Dailey Method ClassMegan and I took a class at the Dailey Method in Newport Beach last weekend.  We love the location (right near Fashion Island) because it’s close to our kitchen — and the view of the ocean out the window doesn’t hurt either!  We asked Taryn Fishermann, owner of TDM Newport Beach for a few tips for keeping our bodies strong on the days we cant make it to the gym or a class.  Check out her video and learn about keeping yourself in proper form doing planks and pushups at home…and then drop and give me 20!

Planks + Pushups from Taryn Fischermann on Vimeo.